Security consultation
Gate House duties
Access control of staffs, visitors and vehicles
Static guard duties
Mobile/foot patrols
Specialized observation patrols
Key registers and control of keys
Searches in-coming and out-going vehicles and personal
Accident prevention and safety reports
Traffic control-parking and vehicle security
Reception duties, logging of visitors
Round the clock security to construction sites
CCTV monitoring and other forms of biometric security devices
Guarding warehouses and shopping malls
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"Being successful is all about being secure"

Our in-depth understanding of this timeless principle has led us to a unique approach and attitude towards our clients.

We at Allied Security Company W.L.L provide a complete spectrum of tailor made security services in the State of Qatar, armed with an ISO 9001:2008, IQNet Management Certifications, we are also a Member of the International Professional Security Association (IPSA).

The emphasis we lay in motivating well trained rested men and women and a team first concept has been the binding factor that makes us the near perfect security provider. Thus we are committed to be your partner in progress and growth! To us Security is a state of mind. As a profession, we make it the way of our lives.


Security is a state of mind, a sense of feeling protected, therefore not tangible. Thus a concept. This intangibility is transposed into tangibility through a wall, a dog, and where ASC is concerned, uniformed Guard(s).


For those who have lives & assets to protect under diverse conditions, the importance of security is immeasurable. So security is provided to those who ask for it's services, and to those who value the importance of having their riches protected by honest, trustworthy men and women.